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The Client Brief

The Client

Endure approached POP Marketing with a clear and precise vision: to bring their meticulously crafted Shopify site designs to life. Their ambition was to create an online presence that not only mirrors the elegance and effectiveness of their skincare line but also ensures a flawless user experience to boost sales and brand loyalty.

Our Role

Our mission At POP Marketing was to turn Endure Skincare’s detailed mockups into a fully functional Shopify storefront. With a passion for precision, we carefully translated their designs into a digital format, ensuring every detail was captured while also making strategic adjustments for optimal performance and aesthetics.

Key Decisions

  • Faithful Design Translation: We committed to an exacting standard of design fidelity, ensuring that the final Shopify site was a pixel-perfect realisation of Endure Skincare’s envisioned aesthetics.
  • Adaptive Design Process: Throughout the development, we maintained a flexible approach, making necessary tweaks and enhancements to align with the evolving vision and functionality requirements of Endure.
  • Close Collaboration: Working in tandem with the Endure Skincare team, we ensured a synergistic process, allowing for real-time feedback and iterations that honed the site to their exact specifications.
  • Optimised for Skincare E-commerce: Understanding the nuances of skincare online retail, we optimised the site for easy navigation, clear product display, and streamlined checkout processes, aimed at providing an informative and enjoyable shopping experience.


The collaborative effort culminated in the launch of a Shopify site that perfectly encapsulated Endure Skincare’s brand identity. The project, characterised by a close partnership and a shared dedication to excellence, resulted in a website that not only met the client’s high standards but also set a new benchmark for luxury skincare e-commerce platforms.


Website UI/UX design
Website development


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