Kombi-Nation UK

The Client Brief

The Client

Kombi-Nation UK approached us with a clear objective in mind – to transition their primary sales channel from eBay to their own bespoke e-commerce website. They required a streamlined, user-friendly platform that not only embodies the essence of their brand but also enhances operational efficiency and customer experience.

Our Role

As a full-service digital agency, we embraced the challenge with a comprehensive strategy tailored for Kombi-Nation UK. Our role extended to crafting a custom website with e-commerce capabilities, setting up an intuitive content management system, and deploying a suite of digital tools to optimise customer interaction and backend processes.

Key Decisions

  • Website Development: We chose WordPress integrated with WooCommerce for its robust functionality and ease of use, ensuring Kombi-Nation UK could seamlessly manage their digital storefront.
  • Customised Ordering System: To accommodate the specific needs of Kombi-Nation customers, we developed a custom ordering system. This allowed for personalised instructions based on the customer’s van type to be included with each receipt, enhancing the customer purchase experience.
  • Future-Proof Design: The website was meticulously crafted to allow for easy updates and additions, accommodating future product lines and business growth without requiring a complete overhaul.
  • SEO and Content Strategy: To ensure immediate visibility and sales conversion upon launch, we implemented our premium SEO package. Coupled with minimalistic yet impactful content, the website was positioned to rank well and engage users effectively.
  • User Interface (UI): We delivered a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design with a focus on user experience, ensuring ease of navigation and a positive first impression.


The launch of Kombi-Nation UK’s website exceeded expectations, with the client reporting an immediate return on investment. The site’s compelling UI, strategic SEO, and custom features facilitated a smooth transition away from eBay, directly empowering Kombi-Nation UK to establish a strong, independent digital presence.


Kombi-Nation UK has expressed immense satisfaction with the project outcome, citing the professionalism and effectiveness of the site which has not only captivated their audience but also streamlined their sales process, proving to be a pivotal step in their business growth.


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