Mimes Reusables

The Client Brief

The Client

Mimes Reusables sought to enhance their Shopify store to refine the user experience and integrate their fresh ideas into the platform. They aimed to increase sales, maximise their social media presence, and make their site more user-friendly and intuitive.

Our Role

At POP Marketing, we pride ourselves on transforming visions into digital realities. For Mimes Reusables, we took their existing Shopify store and meticulously tailored it to reflect their innovative concepts and brand ethos. Our expertise in e-commerce optimization and digital marketing allowed us to not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Key Decisions

  • Shopify Store Enhancement: We built upon the existing framework of Mimes Reusables’ Shopify store, implementing strategic improvements that focused on ease of use and customer engagement.
  • Incorporating Client Ideas: The collaboration with Mimes Reusables was idea-centric, meaning we prioritised the integration of their unique concepts throughout the development process to ensure the end product was truly bespoke.
  • Social Media Strategy: Our comprehensive approach included providing Mimes Reusables with creative templates and post ideas to elevate their social media campaigns, resulting in increased customer outreach and engagement.
  • User Experience (UX) Refinement: We revolutionised the store’s navigation by introducing a custom icon bar that complemented the new navigation bar, streamlining the user journey and enhancing the overall shopping experience.


The reimagined Shopify store launched to resounding success, leading to an uptick in sales and improved social media leverage for Mimes Reusables. The seamless user experience and strategic social media campaigns attracted new customers, boosting traffic and amplifying brand recognition.


Mimes Reusables was thrilled with the transformation, expressing that POP Marketing had not only delivered the site they envisioned but had also provided them with the tools to achieve substantial growth and a stronger digital footprint.


Content creation
Website UI/UX design
Website development


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