One Wor1d

The Client Brief

The Client

Onewor1d, an upcoming creative enterprise, approached us with a clear objective. They were on the brink of launching their very first colouring book and sought a digital transformation to support this venture, ensuring they reach their target audience with utmost impact.

Our Role

At POP, we undertook a comprehensive approach to support Onewor1d’s digital and brand aspirations. Our responsibilities encompassed a meticulous website UI/UX design, robust website development, seamless e-commerce integration, and tailored content creation to resonate with the brand’s creative ethos.

Key Decisions

  • Website UI/UX Design: Recognising the significance of user experience, especially for a brand rooted in creativity, we committed to a design overhaul. Our design philosophy was centred around creating a visually rich interface that captures the essence of Onewor1d’s artistic vision while ensuring user-friendly navigation. Website

  • Development: Beyond aesthetics, the backbone of any digital asset is its functionality. We built a robust website framework that’s both responsive and adaptive, ensuring that users experience the brand consistently across devices.

  • E-commerce Integration: Given the product-centric nature of Onewor1d’s endeavour, we integrated a seamless e-commerce platform. This allowed users to easily browse, select, and purchase the colouring book, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Content & Social Media Templates: To support Onewor1d’s branding and outreach, we crafted bespoke content that speaks to their audience. Additionally, we created customizable templates for their social media, ensuring a consistent brand voice and enhancing online visibility.


Our partnership with Onewor1d culminated in a digital landscape that not only showcases their pioneering colouring book but also establishes them as a force in the creative industry. The streamlined e-commerce site, combined with strategic content and design elements, amplifies their brand’s resonance. Feedback from their audience and stakeholders has been exceptionally positive, underlining our combined efforts as a triumphant achievement.


Website UI/UX design
Website development
Content creation
Email Marketing


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