Sports For Champions

The Client Brief

The Client

Sports for Champions, a renowned sports organization, came to us with a distinct goal. Their ambition was to refresh their digital persona, expanding their influence within schools and the broader community.

Our Role

At POP, we took on a multifaceted role to rejuvenate the digital and brand aspects for Sports for Champions. This involved a complete web overhaul, email campaign enhancement, a surge in social media strategy, and a reinvigoration of branding & graphics.

Key Decisions

  • Web Revitalization: Recognizing the paramount importance of a website in the digital realm, we decided to undertake a thorough revamp of the Sports for Champions website. Our focus was on merging modern aesthetics with practical functionality to ensure a seamless user journey.

  • Email Campaign Enhancement: Given the significance of email campaigns in sustaining user engagement, we concentrated on optimizing them for better performance metrics, while also enriching them with visuals that would strike a chord with the target demographics.

  • Social Media Surge: In light of the growing emphasis on social media, we crafted a customized strategy for Sports for Champions. The decision was to produce consistent, engaging content across various platforms to foster a vibrant sports enthusiast community.

  • Branding & Graphics: To maintain brand integrity, we decided to leverage the organization’s iconic branding. Our aim was to produce updated graphics and print materials that would perfectly convey the spirit of Sports for Champions.


Our collaboration bore fruit in the form of enhanced brand visibility, improved engagement rates, and expanded outreach for Sports for Champions. The renewed digital assets don’t just mirror the organisations excellence but also showcase the transformative potential of modern design combined with strategic marketing. The feedback from schools and the community at large has been overwhelmingly positive, marking our efforts as a resounding success.


Logo & Branding
Website UI/UX design
Website development
Social media marketing
Content creation
Email Marketing


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