Digital marketing cheat sheet for manufacturers

This Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet for Manufacturers provides a comprehensive guide to enhancing your digital marketing efforts through strategic planning, effective copywriting, website optimisation, account-based marketing (ABM), content marketing, lead nurturing, social media engagement, analytics, and B2B marketing principles.

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B2B Marketing

Understand the rational nature of B2B marketing, navigate the buyer’s journey with personalised communication, leverage technology and content marketing, and stay agile to adapt to market changes. Focus on building long-term relationships and continuously experimenting to find what works best.

This cheat sheet emphasises the importance of a strategic, data-driven approach to digital marketing, tailored content, and continuous optimisation to achieve sustainable growth and success in the manufacturing sector.

What our cheat sheet will help you out with?

planning and Strategy

Establish SMART goals, understand your audience, prioritise impactful actions, choose the right digital channels, and implement a focused plan prioritising quality leads.


Create specific, clear, and helpful content aimed at decision-makers, emphasising clarity and backed by thorough research.

Website Optimisation

Utilise SEO and PPC to attract qualified leads, focusing on keyword optimisation and targeted advertising, with ongoing adjustments based on results.

Account-Based Marketing

Target high-value accounts with personalised content, using technology for targeted engagement and measuring ROI to refine strategies.

Content Marketing

Produce and distribute targeted content in various formats to attract and engage your audience, continually optimising based on feedback.

Lead Nurturing

Engage prospects with personalised communication, using automation for consistent follow-ups and focusing on engagement until conversion.

Social Media

Boost brand visibility and engage audiences on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, customising content and using targeted ads for maximum impact.

Analysing & Reflecting

Use data-driven insights to inform and optimise your marketing strategies, adapting to market trends and measuring success through analytics.

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