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A trusted marketing partner in the renewable sector.

Here is the renewable energy area we help serve:

Heat Pumps (ASHP & GSHP)

Solar PV

Energy Storage Solutions

Wind, Wave and Hydro

EV Charging

Expert Renewable Energy Marketing Solutions for Every Link in the Chain

Wherever you sit in the renewable chain—manufacturer, supplier, merchant, or installer—our brand, marketing, and communication specialists will help you deliver your goals and objectives. We work on generating business while you work on running it.
How to gain leads in the renewable sector

Guide to boosting your eco4 leads

Unlock our complimentary Eco4 Lead Guide, your ultimate roadmap for crafting a winning marketing strategy aimed at homeowners eligible for ECO4 benefits in the UK. This all-encompassing guide equips installers with a holistic approach, targeting the precise demographics that qualify for these incentives. Click to unveil the full guide and access your download, setting the stage for a surge in homeowner ECO4 leads.
How we ensure marketing success in the renewable sector
Define your renewable energy marketing blueprint with us, setting clear goals and strategies tailored to your audience and industry landscape.
Bring your vision to life through targeted campaigns and engaging content, all crafted to highlight your commitment to renewable energy solutions.
Monitor and refine your marketing efforts with our data-driven insights, ensuring your campaigns are effective and aligned with your growth objectives.
Example of Eco4 Lead Generation Advertisement
Heat Pump Social Ads
Renewable energy heat pump installation
ECO4 renewable energy social media graphic
Heat Pump Expertise

How our specialist renewable knowledge benefits you

Over the years, we’ve built a strong foundation in understanding and navigating the marketing needs of the renewable energy sector. Our expertise allows us to:

  • Develop effective marketing strategies specific to the renewable energy industry.
  • Connect with your target market effectively.
  • Increase sales and raise brand awareness.

As a full-service marketing agency focused on renewable energy, our approach includes SEO, content creation, and social media to create meaningful campaigns that benefit your business.

Browse our FREE Guides:

Manufacturing Cheat Sheet

ECO4 Cheat Sheet

BUS Scheme Cheat Sheet

Housing Association Cheat Sheet

Elevate Your Energy Business with POP Marketing

Here at POP Marketing CIC, we help companies of all sizes that are eager to capitalise. We have created packages for companies that aren’t really sure what they require, and you don’t even need to speak to us to see our pricing – fill out this form to find out what package your company would require

Explore Our Comprehensive Services

Since 2022, POP Marketing has helped our renewable energy clients double turnover in just over 12 months, increase their ROI on marketing campaigns by +680 %, and generate over 256 qualified leads within one week from one campaign.

We are a devoted team of experts who are dedicated to delivering results. We take pride in our work and want to establish long-term relationships with all our clients.

Let us be the driving force behind your renewable energy journey.

Content Marketing

Creating content that resonates with your target audiences with the intent to attract, engage, and retain customers. We produce professional content such as brochures, leaflets, E-Books, blogs, newsletters, etc. 


Target consumers and drive real results with our marketing campaigns. We create campaigns that go beyond brand awareness. We cultivate meaningful connections with your target audience. This translates to growth for your business – attracting new customers, converting interest into action, and fostering long-term loyalty.

Lead Generation

We promise to ensure your sales pipeline is packed all year round using our inbound Digital lead generation strategies. With successful lead generation process we make your sales cycle more efficient leading to higher conversion rates.

Digital Presence

We offer a complete website design, development, management and hosting. Working with you every step of the way to ensure your customer journey is seamless and effective. Building a website that relfects your eco-impact. 

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Maddy O,Brien

To explore how we can support your renewable energy initiatives and discuss your specific needs, secure your slot for a complimentary 30-minute consultation with our renewable energy specialist, Maddy O’Brien.

This is a great opportunity to gain insights tailored to your business and understand how our expertise can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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