do you know email marketing 2x as effective as cold calling?

At POP Marketing, we harness this power to open new doors for your business. Our email marketing service is designed to engage your audience, nurture leads, and drive conversions with precision and creativity. Say goodbye to the hit-and-miss approach of cold calls and welcome a world where every email is an opportunity.

How We Boosted ROI for Sports for Champions

Our work with Sports for Champions revolutionised their lead generation, shifting the focus from cold calling to impactful email marketing. This change didn’t just boost leads—it transformed their approach to engaging potential clients.

Dive into our blog for the full story on how email marketing became their top tool for generating leads, complete with success metrics.

47:1 Return on investment

This means for every £1 spent on email marketing £47 is returned.

£4,475 Per Campaign

Generated on average.

95% Deliverability

From a list of 60,000 educational contacts.

+98% Direct Traffic

Increase in comparison to organic search.

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Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is a fundamental part of our email marketing services. It’s about building relationships with your potential customers at every stage of their journey. Through carefully crafted emails, we keep your audience engaged, informed, and ready to take the next step.

We understand the art of timing and relevance. Our emails ensure that your leads receive the right message at the right moment, guiding them gently from initial interest to loyal customer.

Increase Your Qualified Leads

As Email Marketing Specialists, we’re here to fuel your growth by enhancing your marketing, sales, and service strategies. Our mission is simple: to understand the nuances of your business and integrate our solutions seamlessly to unlock the full potential of your email marketing efforts. Ready to transform your business growth with cutting-edge email marketing strategies? Let’s start a conversation about propelling your business forward.
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