Sports For Champions UK CIC Testimonial

POP Marketing was a strategic partner supporting our entry into the digital media space. Their team tested a relatively small budget on ad retargeting and display ads. As this was proven successful, we shifted more of our traditional advertising budget to digital and their role expanded.

They offered insights into prospect search behaviour and helped us pinpoint ways to grow our client base. They provided us with creative resources we needed to supplement our lean team and enabled us to produce a higher volume of content.

We then asked them to expand our lead generation funnel and opted for email marketing as our solution and WOW! we were not prepared for the results, within 2 months we had a 450% increase in inbound leads into the business and had to recruit additional members of staff to deal with the influx!!!

They have now been tasked with redeveloping our website and we are eagerly anticipating the 1st draft!!!

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