Grand Week In Wales

The Client Brief

The Client

Grand Week in Wales, a growing charity organisation, approached us with a unique challenge. Initially, their website consisted of a single page hosted on an unrelated website, a strategy employed by the business owner to generate interest during its inaugural year. As the charity expanded, our goal was to transition them to their own dedicated website, establish a strong social media presence, and execute successful bilingual email campaigns, available in both Welsh and English.

Our Role

we embraced a multifaceted role to elevate the digital presence and branding of Grand Week in Wales. This encompassed a complete website overhaul, social media revitalisation, and the development of compelling email campaigns, all designed to showcase the incredible efforts of those involved in the charitable events organised by Grand Week in Wales.

Key Decisions

  • Website Transformation: Recognising the pivotal role a website plays in today’s digital landscape, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul of Grand Week in Wales’ online platform. Our focus was on crafting a custom-built website that not only served as a platform for the brand but also effectively hosted the charity’s events, providing a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

  • Social Media Revival: We were tasked with bringing the charity’s logo to life and establishing a strong online presence for their brand mascot. Our team created engaging videos for both social media platforms and the website, capturing the essence and impact of the charitable events.

  • Email Campaign Excellence: Email campaigns were essential for maintaining engagement within Grand Week in Wales’ diverse audience, so we crafted bilingual email campaigns in Welsh and English. These campaigns were optimised to resonate with the charity’s supporters, conveying the significance of their contributions.


Our collaboration with Grand Week in Wales yielded significant results, transforming their online presence and brand visibility. The transition from a single-page website to a dedicated platform showcased the charity’s growth and commitment to their cause. Social media engagement surged, breathing life into the brand’s mascot and conveying their mission effectively. The bilingual email campaigns served as a bridge between the charity and its supporters, fostering a deeper connection. Grand Week in Wales is now better equipped to showcase the remarkable efforts of everyone involved in their charitable events, and our efforts have contributed to their success in a meaningful way.


Logo & Branding
Website UI/UX design
Website development
Social media marketing
Content creation
Email Marketing


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